Professional English into French marketing translator and accomplished hat wearer.

My name is Stephanie Taif. I am the marketing professional turned French marketing translator who keeps the wheels of Words of Possibility spinning. I provide English to French marketing translations for B2B and B2C to put the best of American companies on the map.

I bottle their charm and shake it up with some well rolled ‘r’s to create a French brand identity they can be proud of.

Today my CRM system and dictionaries are BFF. But it wasn’t always that way. Here is how it all panned out.

  • Gained a BA in Business Administration in France
  • Completed my MBA in Marketing in Florida
  • Looked really uncool around my friends when I kept reciting ads from five years ago
  • Looked more cool when this seemingly useless skill helped us win pub quizzes
  • Spent five years surrounded by creative folk in marketing
  • Completed a Diploma in Translation (specializing in marketing and advertising) at NYU and started working part-time as a translator
  • Moved back to France to combine marketing and translation as a full-time English to French marketing translator

I put my success down to the fact I live and breathe what I translate. Whether that means trawling e-commerce sites in search of the hottest trends (read: the hottest pair of yoga leggings) or playing around with apps and software.

Even my office embraces my values and the type of texts I translate. Working in Lyon’s sought after eco-friendly coworking space amongst tech companies and marketing professionals, I stay in tune with the clients I serve.

My hat collection

Inexcusable software geek

App enthusiast

Fit fashion follower

Yoga mat devotee

PB challenger

Curious traveller

Eco warrior

SME champion

Translate your marketing

Translation tip: Hire a translator who digs your industry. They don’t just transfer terminology but also your brand image #TheFrenchLook



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