Get the French look

Sell to France without compromising your brand image


Translate into French with an authenticity that sells

Transforming American brands that are unknown in France into well-respected names, the next in thing or industry-specific favorites.

I get tongues wagging, bookings zooming in and orders totting up.

I get trendy twenty-somethings flying their fingers animatedly across iPhone keyboards to be the first to download your French app.

I get traditionally poker-faced businessmen feeling like children in a sweet shop when they look through your French catalog.

I want to join these businesses and get in on the French marketing action.
No, thanks. I don’t want to increase my sales.

Stephanie Taif

My name is Stephanie Taif. I am the marketing professional turned French marketing translator who keeps the wheels of Words of Possibility spinning. I provide English to French marketing translations for B2B and B2C to put the best of American companies on the map.

My story

How seven years in marketing helps me give businesses a French identity

On trend

Expand your e-commerce business to France

Geek chic

Translate your tech and apps for the French market

Sweat it out

Does your sports and lifestyle company parler Français?

Green is the new black

  Translate your CSR corporate reports
Collection of the textures (dark-green leaf with drops of the rain)

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